Nottingham – Metz : Portrait 03

The summer has arrived,  the days are long, the weather is warm, and the sun is shining! So take off your sweater and enjoy summertime!



Nottingham – Metz : Portrait 02

Our second portrait is about Nature, Water and Forest. Metz and Nottingham are surrounded by many incredible nature sights; places we like to visit and explore.

Katharina Fitz Diana Pallas

Katharina Fitz
Diana Pallas

Nottingham – Metz : Portait 01

With this picture we start a self-portraits series.

Photo project by Katharina Fitz and Diana Pallas

Metz – Nottingham: Houses

This time our post is about houses. We explored the typical architectural properties of each place.

Metz: French rural house

Nottingham: Victorian terraced house

Diana Pallas, Katharina Fitz



Metz – Nottingham : Houseboat

Nottingham – Metz: Just woke up

Nottingham – Metz : Our Shoes