Bilbao-Metz: My window


These are the views that we have from our window, these are the buildings we have in front of our homes.


Metz – Bilbao

Connected by rivers. We have portrayed our cities by the rivers that flow threw them.

In we the Moselle and in Bilbao El Nervión.



Málaga – Metz: Playground

Playgrounds have always been one of kid’s favorite places, and every city adapts them to its natural spaces. It doesn’t matter if there is sand or grass, if it’s hot or cold, children just want to play!

Playground - Our point of view Project

Metz – Malaga

This time we have portrayed the two Museum of Pompidou in our cities Metz and Malaga.

Katharina Fitz, Diana Pallas

Metz-Málaga: Tourism

Our cities are a clear example of two very different ways of approaching tourism: On the one hand, Metz  is not a city where many tourists go. Its appeal lies in a charming old city center very well maintained, which is full of cobbled pedestrian streets. On the other hand, Malaga’s coast is one of the favorite destinations of thousands of tourists every year. It’s a clear example of the construction without limits that has been suffering all the Spanish coast to be able to host every year all those tourists who are looking for the sun, the beach and la fiesta.

Diana Pallas Katharina Fitz

Malaga – Metz: Past memories

One one hand we have the old industrial chimney. It is one of the view remains of Malaga that remembers the industrial background of the city. On the other side we see the Serpenoise in Metz, a reconstruction of one of the oldest city gates.

Diana Pallas, Katharina Fitz

Málaga-Metz: Football field


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