Malaga – Metz: Past memories

One one hand we have the old industrial chimney. It is one of the view remains of Malaga that remembers the industrial background of the city. On the other side we see the Serpenoise in Metz, a reconstruction of one of the oldest city gates.

Diana Pallas, Katharina Fitz

Málaga-Metz: Football field

Metz – Malaga

The two central markets of Metz and Malaga.

diana pallas, katharina fitz

Málaga – Metz: Our new homes

We are glad to show you our new homes!


A geographical turn of OurPointOfView

This year our project takes a new turn! Diana leaves Valencia to live in Metz, in northeastern France, and Katharina returns to Spain, passing first through Malaga and then on to Bilbao. We’re glad to share this new period with all of you

Dornbirn-Metz: New year’s eve

We had a great photographic year, hopping 2015 will be even better! Happy new year!

Katharina Fitz Diana Pallas

Valencia – Berlin: Yellow mailbox


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