Berlin – Valencia – Urban Gardening

Berlin – Valencia: I love my glasses

Our view connected through some beautiful sunglasses

Diana Pallas, Katharina Fitz

From Station to Station

A trip from Hallesches Tor (Berlin) to Godella (Valencia).

I ask myselve how long it would  take to get  there by train…

Katharina Fitz, Diana Pallas

Synchronized view 10: My favorite tree

Two trees, two places to relax, two cities, two friends, one project.

Katharina Fitz, Diana Pallas


This letter is for you!

Taking breakfast together with a long dinstance in between us. This letter is for you! Hope to see you this summer to talk about further ideas of OURPOINTOFVIEW.

Katharina Fitz, Diana Pallas

Synchronized view 8: Garden

Our point of view in transition


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